Skin, Nationality, and Ethnicity

That story was when I lived in England during the 1980s, as a small child.

I'm aware of the crowing. It annoys me also - it's part of America's absolute fascination with misappropriating what doesn't belong. People do this to try to be "cool" or "trendy", and there's a distinct fallout from that in that sincere people get written off as the same kind of idiot. I'm not OCD to be fashionable; I'm OCD because there's something wrong with my brain. I'm not playing Irish American, I'm steeped in that particular culture. You are correct that someone from America cannot know the experience of another nation without living in that country, however there are still many groups within America and each have their own culture that is woven into the tapestry of our history. Chinatowns, for example. They're not Chinese by nationality by a long shot, and culturally they have become different from their forebears. Dutch Americans are another example. The list goes on and on; each ethnicity has changed in different ways after coming here.


I should make it clear that I am staunchly, staunchly anti-assimilationist. I view it as destructive and only a product of the amp'd up "Americanization" processes put forth during the Red Scare.

The culture split between the people who stayed and the people who went to America. This is, arguably, the same for any non-native population.


I am, apparently, Latina. However, I do not identify with that group very well nor easily. You're missing the part about Texas as being where that family lives, where the only way I could experience a connection is to be there and learn from my grandfather. I find Xylo's position very alien, and somewhat offensive, but also logical. You can't escape your skin colour. However, does that define a person? Why should it? This seems to be a particularly American attitude, where people are boiled down to their skin, and smacks of the same kind of logic that created the Treaty of Versailles.

I don't pretend there isn't a problem with race in America, or that there aren't droves and droves of people who see things in a very racist way. Despite this, I can't help but see Xylo's position as only participating in and perpetuating that system, one that I hope to be a part of the dismantling of. Yes, there are people who might define me and who might try to dictate what that means without my input. They are still wrong for doing so.


My own identification with the Irish American heritage comes from it being passed down, from mother to mother to her children; from countless fathers to their children; and from those children to myself. This is authentic. I have no connections to modern Ireland and no illusions about that, however my family does have a history that begins there, and if the time ever comes for me to visit it will be solely within the context of historical matters.

Jorah is particularly offended by my name, for some reason that I can only presume has to do with a fakery that I too reject. Sally Danielle is the female name I have identified myself with for a long time, and the "O'" is a nod to the name that I was given at birth. Broder is merely another branch of the same lineage as my real name.


I had to change these as I was afraid of exposure; living in a tiny Southern town is dangerous, however my parents' influence extends well outside of this town and all around my state's coast. Word can travel. Sally O'Broder works as my name here, however I'd love to live without the constant threat my situation poses and just post with my actual surname. It would be too obvious, though, which is why I do not use it.

I never once said that what happened to me on GT was equivalent to the incident of police brutality. I made a joke in poor taste that the incident of police brutality was comparable to a situation that I have been informed is over, although only just recently over. People minding their own business being targeted for their race is what happened, and I said what I said out of distrust and bitterness. I apologize for that, however there are obviously examples of why my trust is broken and why I am bitter that are plainly visible here.

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