"Self-Diagnosed"? You'd be wrong about that.

This visit was considered a "Level 5" visit and was remarkably expensive. It was also the first time I'd been able to see a neurologist that didn't think I was just weak from sexual assault in five years. Two doctors looked at me; both neurologists, one being the foremost sleep expert in my state. I've never heard anyone except my old neurologist from those five years ago talk so matter-of-factly about my health problems.


They need a sleep study to continue. I cannot afford that, and apparently some kind of social worker is trying to find everything they can in order to get my sleep study paid for, because yes, it is all that bad. It has also been recommended that I have my spinal fluid tested and a HLA test, which are also expensive. This is a hospital, by the way, which is well over an hour away. Any trips there require a weekend stay or longer at a nearby friend's house, and also sometimes people to drive me to appointments.

My being a research subject, fyi, is the only reason I was able to be lucky enough to even have this visit and get my prescription for the modafinil, which has been life-changing. I'm not recovered nor functional by any means, but at least I am better for the low, low price of $30 extra per month.

Oh, wait...that's right, I was recently told I needed to go ahead and take more on some days. So double that every other month or so. Fantastic!

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