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Hi, Xylo.

Ferguson is an apt comparison because it illustrates perfectly how little control people have about their racial identity. Racial and ethnic identity is simply something that is whether one likes it or not. Two thirds of that town are black. They are seen as black first, and American second.

You have some points in your philosophy and it offers a lot to think about, however I feel that this only participates in the system of oppression. You're allowing privileged, racist whites to be the ones who make the determination here.


For people who are mixed, like I am, I can absolutely make a choice as to which ethnicity I identify and connect with. My Mexican American heritage does not somehow override my Irish American heritage nor vice versa.

There is no "case by case basis" with my identification.

Both men and women, cis, and trans, face issues when it comes to fitting the stereotypes people have about what we "should" be.


Oh no freakin' way, really? I had no idea.

As for digit ratio, apparently you didn't bother to read up on it. Digit ratio is indicative of one's androgen sensitivity/androgen exposure during gestation. PUAs bickering over that is not surprising; after all they take literally anything and twist it into some kind of pseudoscientific macho patriarchal bilgewater.


You're mistaken about Suh. I said to lay off the stuff and that she was acting like a jerk, and also not on her usual level from before she started supplementing with it. After she said the things she did, well, then it became clear to me that there's a worse problem there, and then I started just getting angry with that. Golly gee, I have feelings too.

I will take what you have said about Shiny into account, although I do find it inappropriate to have phrased things defensively the way that you have. I understand wanting to be protective of a friend as well as familiar with how they feel, but on the same token the only reason I brought that up is so Shiny could know that we used to interact under my other name. However she feels about those interactions, that is probably for her to take up directly with me if she feels up to doing that. Advocacy has its borders.


Xylo, it was an incorrect attempt at gallows humour that I have already apologized for. I am not as ignorant as you insist; just drop that. The only ignorance I have is that contact with GT is painful for me at this point, and so after I made one last post at ITW I just left. There is too much hurt and too much of a sense of betrayal.

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