Hello people who don't like me. This is Sally. Post Here, stop derailing

You've derailed a comments section about the NYPD stop-and-frisk.

No, it was not about me. The comment was a jab at the awful racism in GT, the last place there should be any.


Yes, my comment was callous and insensitive. Someone had the wherewithal to actually point that out, instead of misread it as some kind of appropriation or something. Seriously, all of you are smarter than this.

This is no excuse, however, to hijack the article with how you feel about me.

Post here. Flame away! Replies without substance, including .gif posts without substance, will be dismissed.


I can also be more open here as doubtless this post will get next to no exposure, so none of that dancing around my frightful life issues that seems to confuse so many people who claim to really understand such things.

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