Hi, Xylo.

Ferguson is an apt comparison because it illustrates perfectly how little control people have about their racial identity. Racial and ethnic identity is simply something that is whether one likes it or not. Two thirds of that town are black. They are seen as black first, and American second.

There's the creep-thing right there. I'm not going to try to shame you or anything, but you'll be surprised to know that you do not represent the majority and is why I say that you have a youth fetish. Its an irregular thing, but the creep part comes from the presumption that it is the norm when it isn't.
Misogyny is…

I get it, Nintendo. You want to be inclusive. I get it, I really do.

I predict that this device will turn out to be a long-term failure.

Normally I wouldn't say this with Nintendo, but hear me out.

First I need to outline what this is:

The lack of 3D, the low price-point, the mono speaker...all of these are hallmarks of a…


Quite honestly, I was hoping that they'd go the same route as Defiance for ESO.

Defiance has you pay one up-front retail cost, and then you can keep playing. Monetization of the game occurs from the purchase of DLC and cards that provide in-game currency as well as random item chests. Unless ESO plans to implement…

I used to hate Steam as once a friend had attempted to sell me his copy of The Orange Box. He removed the games from his account he thought and so thought that maybe it would. After that, I pirated Valve games for a while up until TF2 went Free To Play.

Then something magical started happening: my first Steam Summer…